The Chief Information Officer or IT Manager has a position like no other in companies today.  Specialized knowledge and skill-set put this person in a position to do great things in today’s business world.  More than ever, companies today depend on the IT department to facilitate almost all areas of the company.  While the Chief Information [...]

Are You about to Hire the Wrong Person? On one late Friday afternoon, I received an email from an employer in Dallas, asking me to do a last-minute digital background check on a potential future employee that the company wanted to hire that very day. It seems that a prior company had been given the task of [...]

What is Network Forensics? Network forensics, or IT forensics, is a field of computer science that involves extracting forensic evidence from computer networks, particularly for use as criminal evidence. The extraction can either be proactive, actively capturing network packets for use as evidence, or it can be from network log files or logged information on [...]

Digital intruders often replace system programs with custom versions. Such programs perform malicious operations, such as monitoring keystrokes or providing remote access to the attacker. These invaders are often difficult and time consuming to detect. To make this process as efficient as possible, McCann Investigators utilize two of the industry’s most respected tools – Nessus [...]

McCann Investigators have the electronic discovery and computer forensics experience to extract the ESI on laptops, desktops, servers, virtual servers, cellular phones, smart phones, external drives, and other types of electronic media. Our specialists not only retrieve hidden or encrypted data from networks, hard drives, and electronic sources, but also document every point of electronic [...]

Today’s Global Markets Are Digitally Driven In today’s market, the digital thread is heavily woven into how the economy works. Data is easily transferred through email, thumb drives, external drives, CD/DVD and countless other mediums. With that said, companies have a need for computer forensic experts who can ensure that any data stolen can be [...]

Since 2005, McCann Investigations has served the private sector as an independent certified computer forensics lab for Electronically Stored Information (ESI). McCann Investigations serves private companies, executives, law firms, litigation support companies, and other professional firms that require the best in computer forensic services. If you require simple acquisition and imaging of a drive, a [...]

An attentive attorney’s number one goal is to keep his or her clients best interests at the forefront of the mind by ensuring that their Electronically Stored Information (ESI) was obtained by using proper forensic methods. This allows for the lawyer to then establish the validity of the evidence. Making sure that the forensic copy [...]

Do you have a situation of fraud or company theft? Does your company have trade secrets that you suspect have been taken without your permission? Regardless of whether your digital information is trapped in personal, corporate, mobile, or network drives, McCann Investigations has a team of experts in place to assist you with all of [...]

McCann Investigations has both the resources and experience to conduct an investigation that combines digital forensics with in-person PI services to individuals, organizations, and companies in the greater Dallas area. Within the last ten years, our Dallas McCann Investigators have worked with the city’s leading CEOs, corporations, and law firms. Dallas contains a population of [...]