McCann Investigations provides two types of undercover investigations. An external undercover investigation is performed when you want to obtain information on an outside group or organization that is seeking to harm your business or interests. To gain such information, the investigator must get close to the individuals or groups, which often times requires going undercover. [...]

Safeguarding customers’ confidential information is important to any business, but it is especially important for companies that collect and store non-public customer financial information. There are regulations and compliance issues regarding your organization’s information and every year, security systems become more complex. Uncovering and addressing IT security issues before an incident occurs can be vital. [...]

Digital forensic reports can be produced for investigative purposes, separately from reports designed for litigation or electronic discovery. Oftentimes, McCann Investigators report on facts for internal review and investigation. Who used this laptop and for what purpose? Who hacked the server? Was the hacker based inside our organization or did the attack come from outside [...]

Data can be destroyed in an attempt to cover up a crime or to cover traces when someone does not want you to follow the digital footprint. People can attempt to destroy the physical drives by deleting the data and physically damaging the drives by dropping them, burning them, putting them in water, or exposing them [...]

An expert witness is a very powerful source of evidence in court. Reports on data electronically discovered by computer forensics methods are important because they provide strong evidence in court documents and in overall analysis in an active lawsuit or settlement. An expert witness can present the digital forensic facts of a case and detail [...]

Once a McCann Investigator has obtained a forensically sound image of the device and the data has been culled, the next step in the process is analysis. Computer forensic analysis begins with our Enterprise Review System. Our Enterprise Review System is designed to facilitate an intuitive and efficient review for projects of any size. Our [...]

After a McCann technician acquires a digital forensic image of the device in question for computer forensic purposes, the next step is culling. McCann experts will determine what types of files—documents, images, etc—can be recovered from the data. We gather information from email servers and their mailboxes, file servers, home directories, and shared folders, as [...]

Data imaging is focused on recovering “non-spoiled” evidence for the purpose of support in negotiation, internal investigation, civil court, or in a criminal court. A critical step in a professional e-investigation is imaging, or creating an exact replica of the device and data being considered as digital forensic evidence. This is similar to how a [...]