Domestic USA Background Checks and Investigations

In general, background checks and background investigations involve locating and compiling criminal records, civil and commercial records, and financial records involving an individual. Our Dallas private investigator team can trace this kind of basic information or delve more deeply by interviewing the applicant and checking directly with former employers, neighbors, and business partners. We can go beyond the point that the applicant or partner expects to be investigated and find past points of conflict, providing thorough information that will equip you to make a wise decisions and significantly reduce the risk. Our private investigator team is experienced in these areas and more:

  • Entry-Level Background Checks
  • Managerial-Level Background Checks
  • Executive-Level Background Checks
  • International Background Checks

International Background Checks and Investigations

International background checks are usually more difficult, since databases that exist in the
United States do not always exist in many of the less-developed countries. Even in some highly developed
countries, databases are very restricted and not accessible to a private investigator. McCann Investigation’s
global network of current and former law enforcement and military contacts are able to acquire
information that others cannot. We also maintain an impressive global network of senior
business executives in cities around the world who assist us in learning about individuals that our clients are
interested in doing business with or hiring.

Since McCann principals have worked overseas in senior law enforcement positions, their network of former colleagues comes from regions as diverse as China and Columbia. This extensive network can find what is not easily located. These connections also allow our Dallas private investigator team to do the “groundwork” in a cost-effective manner, which benefits our clients financially. McCann principals have performed hundreds of international investigations and onsite security services, including Olympic Security for companies and their executives. Former United Nations security officials, former Drug Enforcement Agency officials, and former senior intelligence officials are included in the McCann network of contacts. Our Dallas private investigator team has the ability to uncover what you need to know about your potential local or international employee or business partner.

Company Transactional Backgrounds and Due Diligence

Investigating a company can involve current and former executives, board members, key individuals, and founders. These investigations can also involve identifying assets, including intellectual property and the identification of non-disclosed liabilities. Our Dallas private investigator team is skilled in filling in any gaps in the due diligence process.

During the investigation, McCann professionals become part of your team and focus on the “risk” side of the transaction, which involves discovering undisclosed issues. This includes extensive research of litigation and a deep understanding of conflicts in vendor relationships or existing contractual relations. We can also provide additional clarity about the parties, the boards, and the executives as well as identify potential undisclosed and related-party transactions.

McCann gives support to the legal and financial teams, thus providing complete due diligence of a potential acquisition, merger, or capital placement into a private or public company. This helps protect you and your business from major financial harm and potential regulatory enforcement. We work closely with company council and accounting professionals, but we also look beyond what these professionals typically examine. In addition to this, our rates are more favorable than those billed by lawyers and accountants for background and key diligence matters.

McCann’s mission is to keep you “Informed” so you can balance the possible risks with the anticipated reward from the proposed transaction. While it may be impossible to know everything, the more you actually know, the better decision you can make. Because McCann principals have acquired companies and have been involved in numerous mergers and related transactions, they have the experience to help you determine what to look for and how deep to explore.

The following list includes items that are commonly obtained for individuals, assets, and intellectual property; however, it is not intended to be all-inclusive. The details of a background investigation are determined after a discussion with the client, during which we address specific issues, concerns, and risk factors.

Standard Company Information

Background Information on Existing Executives, Founders, Board Members, and Key Individuals:

  • Name Verification
  • Alternative Names or Aliases
  • Social Security Verification
  • Driver’s License Verification
  • Marital Status
  • Current Residency Verification
  • Past Residency Verification
  • Criminal
    • City
    • County
    • State
    • Federal
  • Sex Offender Index
  • Patriot ACT Watch Lists
  • Civil: Litigation, Judgments, and Liens
    • Federal