In general, a background check and background investigation is the process of locating and compiling the criminal, civil, commercial, and financial records of an individual. McCann Investigators can either review basic information or dig deeper to interview the applicant and check directly with former personal and professional relationships. McCann Investigators can go beyond the sources that the applicant or partner expects to be checked to uncommon sources and find past points of conflict. McCann can help fill in the gaps and provide deeper pictures so that you can make better decisions and minimize risk.

  • Entry Level Background Checks
  • Managerial Level Background Checks
  • Executive Background Checks

International Background Checks and Investigations

International background checks are typically more intensive due to the fact that databases that exist in the United States simply do not exist in many second and third world countries. Even in some first world countries, use of databases, which is common in the United States, is highly restricted and not accessible by private investigators. McCann’s global network of current and former law enforcement and military contacts are able to obtain information that others simply cannot. McCann Investigations also has an extensive global network of senior business executives in cities around the world that helps us to find out about who you are looking to hire or do business with.


Company Transactional Backgrounds and Due Diligence

An investigation of a company can include current and former executives, board members, key individuals, and founders. Investigations can also include identifying assets, including intellectual property and the identification of non-disclosed liabilities. During the background investigations of a company, McCann works closely with your company to support and fill in the required gaps in the total due diligence process.


Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Funds

The placement of capital is a complex process. You must find a unique opportunity and structure the proper terms to meet your firm’s goals. As you work through the deal, your diligence process can take many forms, from competitive analysis, financial modeling, and understanding the background of the people involved in the transaction.

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