Law Firms

Law firms have unique needs for computer forensics and electronic discovery. Properly obtained evidence is a universal necessity. The need to be able to establish that Electronically Stored Information (ESI) was obtained using proper forensic methods, which is critical to establish the validity of the evidence. Making sure that the individuals obtaining the forensic copy of the ESI have proper credentials, including holding a private investigator license and being a certified forensic examiner, can be a must for submitting it for use as evidence.

Many law firms have a preferred e-discovery platform that they are comfortable using, while others do not have a standard electronic discovery platform. Regardless, our Dallas private investigator team can either prepare the data correctly for upload to standard e-discovery platforms or loaded the data in our McCann EI platform.

The following clients are a small sample of law firms who have trusted our Dallas private investigator team to perform computer forensic services:

  • Cavazos, Hendrick, Poirot & Smitham P.C.
  • Gardere
  • Porterhedges
  • Kslaw
  • Weil
  • Debevoise
  • Reminger

Public Companies

The release of confidential client information has made public companies realize how sensitive overall network security is to today’s modern public company. Our Dallas private investigator team can help your company in two critical areas of a network breach. First, during the actual incident, we can help you to determine how an intruder has entered the network and how the situation can be contained. This service is outlined in our cybercrime incident response section of our website.  Secondly, we can help to determine what exactly happened, why it happened, and how can the risk of it occurring again be mitigated.  This service is outlined in the computer forensic section of our website.

It is important that you consider if your provider has the experience, credentials, and licensing required to meet the guidelines that may be required by State, Federal, or insurance requirements. The ability to respond quickly and have a qualified private investigator team help you through a crisis is key. McCann EI can help make a difficult situation manageable and can help you quickly get on the course of rebuilding and moving forward. For over 25 years, publicly traded companies have counted on McCann EI when it mattered the most.

The following clients are a small sample of public companies who have trusted our Dallas private investigator team:

  • Time
  • HBO
  • Harry Winston
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Honeywell
  • Tyco

Private Companies

Private companies are often faced with how to deal with the loss or exposure of important Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Regardless of whether the problem is related to a sales person leaving with more than just his last paycheck, the case of non-compete enforcement, or a request of production of email and other electronic media, dealing with ESI is a reality.

McCann EI can help to deal with any type of computer forensic or network breach scenario that your company may face. Our Dallas private investigator team understands how to quickly and efficiently address the situation.

It is important that your company can turn to an investigative firm that has the experience in handling complex, data centric investigation and has the in-house resources in computer forensics and network security to deal with a multitude of scenarios and situations. We have both the modern tools and depth in digital investigations and in traditional investigative services to respond to your most complex and pressing concerns.

The following clients are a small sample of private companies who have trusted our Dallas private investigator team:

  • Booz & Company
  • Major League Baseball
  • Trial Solutions
  • Chopard
  • Redears Digest
  • NBS Default Services
  • Peak Completions

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face increasing threats from network breaches from both external and internal sources. The needs can take many forms, from active network breaches to post-incident analysis in the case of computer forensics.

The key to choosing a forensic and network security provider is reputation, experience, and licensing. Once your diligence is complete and you have narrowed your search for a provider, you will find that very few private investigator companies have the combination of over 25 years of experience, an unmatched reputation, and the required licenses that McCann Investigations has.

Find out why private equity groups, venture funds, hedge funds, banks, and other financial providers have trusted our Dallas private investigator team for over 25 years. Regardless of whether your issue is background, fraud, or computer forensics, we can help.

The following clients are a small sample of private companies who have trusted McCann Investigations:

  • Hammond Kennedy Whitney
  • D F J Mercury
  • Lighthouse Document Solutions
  • Murphree Venture Partners
  • F F Venture Capital
  • Draper Triangle
  • Updata Partners
  • West Capital Advisors, LLC.