McCann Investigations, digital debugging in Dallas offers top 5 tips for successful computer forensics investigations

Dallas-Fort Worth computer forensics firm shares most effective ways to capture digital evidence for court cases.

Dallas, Texas – March 2, 2012 – McCann Investigations, digital debugging, a digital forensics and investigations firm serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, today released its five most important tips for conducting successful, legally compliant computer forensics investigations.

"At some point, most businesses will deal with suspicions of fraud, stolen trade secrets, or an employee exploiting confidential company information for personal use," says Ray Gilley, president and lead investigator of McCann Investigations, digital debugging in Dallas. "For these cases, you must use a defined discovery process to capture the digital fingerprints that remain from e-mails, Internet histories, files and networks. A properly conducted computer forensics investigation will elicit the admissible evidence companies need for the court room."

Gilley recommends following these five tips:
  1. Recognize the importance of sound computer forensics. Without the right scientific process for gathering, analyzing and reporting digital evidence, you run the risk of destroying vital information or having your evidence ruled inadmissible in court.
  2. Resist the temptation to assign in-house resources to gather evidence. In a court of law, any digital forensic evidence collected by your employees will be considered contaminated.
  3. Hire the right third-party investigator. The investigations firm you choose should employ forensic technicians who are specially trained to find data and remove it without damaging its integrity. They should also compile investigative results into a thorough report and should be able to serve as credible witnesses if your case goes to court.
  4. Know the laws that govern digital investigations. New court rulings affect how computer forensics is applied. Your third-party investigator should educate you on all appropriate legislation and follow a strict protocol that complies with state and federal guidelines.
  5. Protect your customers' confidential information now. Don't wait for a potential breach to increase your network security. According to recent legislation, your business may be held liable in civil or criminal court for failing to protect customer data. Be sure your third-party investigator is familiar with laws governing the safeguarding of personal information, and that he/she shares how these laws affect your business.

About McCann Investigations, digital debugging

For the past 10 years, the Dallas division of McCann Investigations, digital debugging has combined digital forensics with personal private investigation (PI) services for individuals, corporations and law firms in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

McCann Investigations, digital debugging performs computer forensics, digital debugging, surveillance, undercover investigations, background checks and more. The firm is particularly familiar with the challenges experienced by North Texas technology companies, including intellectual property theft from domestic and foreign competitors.

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