Is your spouse or committed lover showing any common “Warning Signs”? Do you have a horrible felling in the pit of your stomach that something is just not right? Finding out that you are committed to a cheating wife/ cheating husband is one of the most painful and devastating experiences that someone will go through. Feeling enraged, embarrassed, confused, afraid, and overwhelmed are common and understandable emotions. Our Dallas private investigator team understands the seriousness of your situation and is here both to find out whether or not your spouse is unfaithful and to help you obtain the knowledge and proof you need to protect your family and your assets.

Whether you are a wife or husband (or even a girlfriend or boyfriend!) you deserve to know the truth. A Dallas private investigator will provide you with the most confidential infidelity investigation services. First, we meet with you at no cost (in person or over the phone) to understand the details of your case and to discuss your questions, fears, and concerns. We then tell you how we can help based on your personal situation and budget.

After the initial meeting, your Dallas private investigator will perform thorough, undercover surveillance using the latest technology to determine whether or not you have a cheating husband/ cheating wife. We implement our strategy and execution of the undercover investigation in the shortest amount of time necessary to provide you with solid, detailed evidence of any infidelity.

We pair licensed private investigator experience with the latest technology in our undercover surveillance. We have means of capturing photo images, videos and other undeniable proof, such as vehicle tracking devices that allow us to know exactly where your spouse is at all times.

There are always “Warning Signs” of infidelity:

    1. Having an increase in work or overtime
    2. Taking out of town trips
    3. Showing more miles on vehicles than normal
    4. Going into another room or outside to take calls
    5. Keeping password protection on a cell phone
    6. Making new friends you do not know
    7. Hiding the phone bill
    8. Decreasing interest in sex
    9. Having two phones
    10. Noticing a subtle yet growing distance in the relationship
    11. Increasing trips to run errands or be out of the house

Our infidelity investigation, whether video, photos or vehicle tracking will provide you the evidence you need to make an informed decision.

Tired of not knowing if infidelity is in your relationship? Our Dallas private investigator team will work with your budget and help you get the peace of mind you need to move on with your life.