What is Network Forensics?

Network forensics, or IT forensics, is a field of computer science that involves extracting forensic evidence from computer networks, particularly for use as criminal evidence. The extraction can either be proactive, actively capturing network packets for use as evidence, or it can be from network log files or logged information on routers, nodes, and other network devices.

Captured network packets can be used to recreate transferred files, analyze security threats, and find and identify network intruders. Although evidence on a computer or network drive may be destroyed, McCann Investigators can identify a culprit by using data stored on network devices to identify unauthorized access to the computer or network device.

McCann Investigation’s Network Forensic Services
McCann Investigators provide network forensics services for internal use within a company, for forensically-sound courtroom evidence, and as expert testimony for criminal cases. We combine this with our penetration testing services to provide high-level, comprehensive reports that can greatly support your side of a legal case.

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