Are You about to Hire the Wrong Person?

On one late Friday afternoon, I received an email from an employer in Dallas, asking me to do a last-minute digital background check on a potential future employee that the company wanted to hire that very day. It seems that a prior company had been given the task of performing the digital background check several days prior but had failed to respond to the request.

Using my sources, I began the normal process of putting the digital background screen together. The report revealed some interesting findings on the individual in question, including the use of a false Social Security number, traffic violations, hot checks, and other corrupt findings.

After thoroughly verifying my findings, I sent the complete report to the client. With much gratitude, the client called to thank me for quickly creating the report and saving the company many potential problems.

With the resources of McCann Investigations in Dallas/Fort Worth on your side, you no longer have to make another poor and dangerous hiring decision. We perform all levels of digital background checks (from entry level to management level) and even offer international digital background checks. When you consider making an offer to a potential future employee, McCann Investigations will perform a thorough and professional digital background screening.

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