McCann Investigations provides two types of undercover investigations.

An external undercover investigation is performed when you want to obtain information on an outside group or organization that is seeking to harm your business or interests. To gain such information, the investigator must get close to the individuals or groups, which often times requires going undercover. From playing the role of an investor in order to understand the intentions of those who took your intellectual property,  to setting up a business front across from the suspected thief of your stolen products, McCann Investigators have the tools and experience to successfully conduct an external undercover investigation.

An internal undercover investigation is performed when you discover that or suspect that your information or product is being diverted from one of your company’s locations. In order for such a theft to occur, somebody within your organization must be involved, and you may not be certain of who that individual is. When analyzing email and SMS traffic does not provide any insight into the conspiracy, McCann Investigations can conduct an internal undercover investigation to determine the source of your loss. Regardless of whether your investigator goes undercover as an executive or as a warehouse worker, McCann Investigations has the experience that you can count on.


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