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McCann Investigators have the electronic discovery and computer forensics experience to extract the ESI on laptops, desktops, servers, virtual servers, cellular phones, smart phones, external drives, and other types of electronic media. Our specialists not only retrieve hidden or encrypted data from networks, hard drives, and electronic sources, but also document every point of electronic discovery in the process. This information is then compiled into a clearly written digital forensic report explaining what the data reveals. If you choose to take legal action, McCann Investigators can testify in court as accredited professionals with years of experience, knowledge of the legal process, and forensically sound data.

McCann specialists are well-versed in all operating systems –  including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux – and start any investigation by examining all networks, hard drives, and backup drives on the device. Our digital forensic experts specialize in protecting all hardware, software, and data from being compromised during the search, electronic discovery of encrypted or hidden files, deciphering and breaking any codes or passwords needed to retrieve information, and data recovery of deleted files. We also document every step of the investigation in order that it can be presented clearly to a judge or jury.

It is important to follow a legally correct computer forensic process while obtaining evidence of any illicit activity. To gather forensic evidence, you need a licensed specialist with knowledge of hardware architecture, software systems, and the legal process; the right forensic evidence gathered in the wrong way can ruin chances of presenting the forensic evidence in court. As electronic data can be a crucial factor in any digital forensic case, proper procedure is essential.

Understanding electronic discovery of digital forensic evidence in its many forms is a core skill held by McCann Investigators. Our computer forensic experts have the experience to acquire the ESI on laptops, desktops, servers, virtual servers, cellular phones, smart phones, external drives, and other types of electronic media. Acquiring data from laptops is different than acquiring data from a virtual drive or from an iPhone. McCann Investigators have the right equipment, know how to work with live systems, and are able to work quickly and discretely.

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Today’s Global Markets Are Digitally Driven

In today’s market, the digital thread is heavily woven into how the economy works. Data is easily transferred through email, thumb drives, external drives, CD/DVD and countless other mediums. With that said, companies have a need for computer forensic experts who can ensure that any data stolen can be traced back to the original source that unlawfully obtained the data.

At McCann Investigation, our focus is to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their data can be retrieved and that corrupt individuals will be properly prosecuted.

Since 2005, McCann Investigations has served the private sector as an independent certified computer forensics lab for Electronically Stored Information (ESI). McCann Investigations serves private companies, executives, law firms, litigation support companies, and other professional firms that require the best in computer forensic services.

If you require simple acquisition and imaging of a drive, a culling of gathered data, or an end-to-end solution (from imaging to analysis to the production of court-ready documents), you can count on us. McCann Investigators provide full imaging, culling, analyzing, and producing services. We are experts in all of the latest techniques, tools, and processes that bring the best digital forensics services to you or your clients.

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Do you have a situation of fraud or company theft? Does your company have trade secrets that you suspect have been taken without your permission? Regardless of whether your digital information is trapped in personal, corporate, mobile, or network drives, McCann Investigations has a team of experts in place to assist you with all of your forensic needs.

mccann banner McCann Investigations in Dallas, Texas

McCann Investigations has both the resources and experience to conduct an investigation that combines digital forensics with in-person PI services to individuals, organizations, and companies in the greater Dallas area. Within the last ten years, our Dallas McCann Investigators have worked with the city’s leading CEOs, corporations, and law firms.

Dallas contains a population of over 1 million individuals and hosts a variety of businesses. Its major industries include defense, financial services, information technology and data, life sciences, semiconductors, telecommunications, transportation, and processing. McCann Investigations understands that the problems that the many technology companies of Dallas may encounter include intellectual property theft from both domestic and foreign competitors. When there is a crisis, you can count on our investigators to provide the skills necessary to deal with the situation comprehensively and efficiently, from digital debugging to surveillance.

How do you get started with a computer forensics investigation? The answer is simple: call and speak to a McCann Investigator. Our investigators will thoroughly explain the electronic discovery process from start to finish.

What is Network Forensics?
Network forensics, or IT forensics, is a form of computer forensics that involves extracting forensic evidence from computer networks, particularly for use as criminal evidence. Extraction can be from network log files or logged information on routers, nodes, and other network devices; or the extraction can be proactive, actively capturing network packets for use as evidence.
Captured network packets can effectively be used to recreate transferred files, analyze security threats, and identify network intruders. Even when evidence on a computer or network drive has been destroyed, network forensics can identify a culprit by using data stored on network devices to identify unauthorized access to the computer or network device.

McCann Investigations’ Network Forensic Services
McCann Investigators provide Network Forensics services for internal use within a company and for courtroom evidence and expert testimony for criminal cases. In combination with our penetration testing services, McCann Investigations’ Network Forensics services provide forensically sound evidence and comprehensive, high level, reports that will greatly support your side of a court case.

McCann Investigators are skilled in the art of traditional surveillance techniques; however, we update this skill by deploying the most advanced technology, such as professional recording devices, as well. Regardless of whether your case requires vehicle-based surveillance for watching a large warehouse area or  body-worn surveillance for recoding an illicit meeting at a bar, McCann Investigations will help. Surveillance of suspected individuals requires years of experience, oftentimes gained during an extensive law enforcement career.

Surveillance performed by McCann Investigations have included the following scenarios:

  • Body-worn surveillance of insurance fraud
  • Vehicle-based surveillance of shipping fraud based in a port
  • Fixed-position surveillance of an apartment building to watch for prostitution

Mobile phones and smart phones can contain large amounts of relevant information. These mobile devices are most often a key source of contact between parties. The evidence may be recoverable, regardless of whether it has been deleted or not or whether the communication is in the form of text or email. The only way to know what is in the mobile device is to perform a technically correct forensic image of the device for electronic discovery.

McCann Investigations uses the latest technology to interface directly with mobile phones.  This allows us to look at a much deeper level of the phone than just the visible apps. We use several tools, including the Cellebrite UFED Physical Pro forensic phone analyzer and Paraben Device Seizure and BitPim, to be able to connect to and query mobile phones, obtain and download file system dumps, and perform full physical phone images for mobile forensics. Once the needed information is obtained and imaged from the phone, we search it against our database of mobile phone spyware utilities, tracking apps and monitoring programs.

Cases handled by McCann Investigations have included:

  • iPhone forensics, including recovery of phone logs, contact lists, text, email, web history, and images
  • Android-based smart phone, including recovery of phone logs, contact lists, text, email, web history, and images
  • Microsoft CE-based smart phone, including phone logs, contact lists, text, email, web history, and images
  • Non-Smart, basic cellular phones, including recovery of text, phone logs, and contact lists

Make sure you choose a licensed and certified provider. An improper gathering of the mobile forensic information by someone without a Private Investigators’ license and certification as a Digital Forensic Expert can compromise the use of information in civil or criminal court.

McCann Investigations‘ mobile forensic tools are high-end, one source solutions for the electronic discovery of electronically-stored information (such as texts, emails, web history, phone directory, and other types of data) stored on today’s mobile devices. Our tools can oftentimes recover user passwords and GPS locations.

McCann Investigations can effectively handle in excess of 3,000 different types of cellular phones, smart phones, tablets, and GPS devices. Popular devices that we have recently recovered forensic data from are:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iTouch
  • Android
  • Microsoft CE

Simple Text, Email, or Web History Recovery

If you simply want us to recover deleted text messages, emails, or web history, McCann Investigations has a simple and cost-effective data recovery package for you. The McCann Investigations Basic Phone Data Recovery Package includes the attempted recovery and documentation of the following items listed:

  • SMS History (text messages)
  • Deleted SMS (text messages)
  • Phonebook (both stored in the memory of the phone and on the SIM card)
  • Call History
    • Received Calls
    • Dialed Numbers
    • Missed calls
    • Call Dates & Durations
    • • Datebook
    • Scheduler
    • Calendar
    • To-Do List
    • Filesystem (physical memory dumps)
    • System Files
    • Multimedia Files (Images, Videos, etc.)
    • Java Files
    • Deleted Data
    • Quicknotes
    • and more!
    • GPS Waypoints, Tracks, Routes, etc.
    • RAM/ROM
    • PDA Databases
    • E-mail
    • Registry (Windows Mobile Devices)
    • The recovered deleted and non-deleted information is placed on a DVD and indexed so that it is easy to read and explore. In the cases in which the information may be used in a court of law, we provide forensic storage of the obtained data for the later use in court. Please see example of reports below:


Basic Package: $500.00 per Phone

This service does not include any additional investigative resources or access to database searches. Such services are available  and are provided at an additional cost. McCann Investigations cannot provide a guarantee of success. All phones behave differently when imaged. Deleted information can be either be fully recovered, partially recovered, or not recovered. It is impossible to quantify prior to the phone being processed; however, McCann Investigations has been successful in obtaining data from hundreds of phones over the past five years.

In general, a background check and background investigation is the process of locating and compiling the criminal, civil, commercial, and financial records of an individual. McCann Investigators can either review basic information or dig deeper to interview the applicant and check directly with former personal and professional relationships. McCann Investigators can go beyond the sources that the applicant or partner expects to be checked to uncommon sources and find past points of conflict. McCann can help fill in the gaps and provide deeper pictures so that you can make better decisions and minimize risk.

  • Entry Level Background Checks
  • Managerial Level Background Checks
  • Executive Background Checks

International Background Checks and Investigations

International background checks are typically more intensive due to the fact that databases that exist in the United States simply do not exist in many second and third world countries. Even in some first world countries, use of databases, which is common in the United States, is highly restricted and not accessible by private investigators. McCann’s global network of current and former law enforcement and military contacts are able to obtain information that others simply cannot. McCann Investigations also has an extensive global network of senior business executives in cities around the world that helps us to find out about who you are looking to hire or do business with.


Company Transactional Backgrounds and Due Diligence

An investigation of a company can include current and former executives, board members, key individuals, and founders. Investigations can also include identifying assets, including intellectual property and the identification of non-disclosed liabilities. During the background investigations of a company, McCann works closely with your company to support and fill in the required gaps in the total due diligence process.


Venture Capital, Private Equity, Hedge Funds

The placement of capital is a complex process. You must find a unique opportunity and structure the proper terms to meet your firm’s goals. As you work through the deal, your diligence process can take many forms, from competitive analysis, financial modeling, and understanding the background of the people involved in the transaction.

McCann Investigations provides two types of undercover investigations.

An external undercover investigation is performed when you want to obtain information on an outside group or organization that is seeking to harm your business or interests. To gain such information, the investigator must get close to the individuals or groups, which often times requires going undercover. From playing the role of an investor in order to understand the intentions of those who took your intellectual property,  to setting up a business front across from the suspected thief of your stolen products, McCann Investigators have the tools and experience to successfully conduct an external undercover investigation.

An internal undercover investigation is performed when you discover that or suspect that your information or product is being diverted from one of your company’s locations. In order for such a theft to occur, somebody within your organization must be involved, and you may not be certain of who that individual is. When analyzing email and SMS traffic does not provide any insight into the conspiracy, McCann Investigations can conduct an internal undercover investigation to determine the source of your loss. Regardless of whether your investigator goes undercover as an executive or as a warehouse worker, McCann Investigations has the experience that you can count on.