McCann Investigations DFW Performs Two Types of Undercover Investigations: External and Internal.

Our Dallas private investigator team will conduct an external undercover investigation to acquire information about an outside individual or organization that may be seeking to harm your business or interests. In order to obtain the necessary information, the private investigator needs to get close to the individuals or organization in question, requiring an undercover investigation. For example, the private investigator may pretend to be an investor in order to learn about the plans of those who stole your intellectual property; or, the private investigator may establish a shop near a suspected thief of property. Our resources and expertise consistently facilitate a successful external undercover investigation.

Our Dallas private investigator team will also lead an internal undercover investigation to determine whether or not an employee is committing information fraud or stealing from your company. For this kind of fraud or theft to occur, someone inside the organization has to be involved; however, you may not know their identity. If simply analyzing email and SMS traffic does not reveal the source of your loss, a skilled Dallas private investigator will begin an internal undercover investigation to expose the conspiracy, perhaps working as an executive or as a warehouse worker. You can be confident that we have the expertise to expose the source of your fraud, theft, or other problem.