McCann Investigations DFW understands the need for discreet, confidential undercover surveillance during difficult investigations.  Whether our Dallas private investigator team is investigating workers compensation fraud, child abuse, partner disputes, or marital infidelity, we employ several strategies to discover the solid proof that our clients need.

Our Dallas private investigator team is made up of experts in undercover surveillance techniques; however, we update this skill by deploying the most advanced technology, such as professional recording devices.  We use fixed-based cameras to detect shrinkage, as well as body-worn recording devices to get close-up videos of the suspect’s activities.

At McCann Investigations, undercover surveillance performed by our Dallas private investigator team has included:

  • Body-worn undercover surveillance of insurance fraud
  • Undercover surveillance of past employees that may be working for a competitor
  • Undercover surveillance of suspected cheating spouse
  • Undercover surveillance of a warehouse to detect inventory theft
  • Vehicle-based undercover surveillance of suspected shipping fraud

Whatever your Dallas undercover surveillance needs may be, McCann Investigations DFW can provide the resources needed to prove your case.